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In a time where our skin is exposed to an ever increasing number of harmful chemicals and artificial additives, we at On The Spot Beauty Bar have worked hard to ensure that our products we use remain the purest in the world. To achieve this, we have tanning solutions made from Organic, Natural and Hypo-allergenic ingredients containing:


Before Your Spray Tan


Even when you're not spray tanning, exfoliation is a good idea, but it's an even better idea when you are spray tanning. Exfoliating cleans your pores, removes unwanted residues from soaps, shampoos, fragrances (and who knows what else you touched today), and best of all it also restarts your skin cycle by removing all the older skin, bringing you to a clean slate. This is perfect for spray tanning because the fresher your skin is the longer you have before your tan starts fading, and because exfoliating removes those residues, which can actually create a barrier between you and your tan. By exfoliating properly you can extend the life of your tan by up to three days!


It is okay to shave the morning of your spray tan, but only if the service is still a few hours away, and only if you have time to exfoliate your skin afterwards. The reason these requirements are in place is because shaving opens up the pores in your skin and the shaving cream leaves a residue on your skin, both of which can negatively impact a tan's life expectancy and performance. If you absolutely must shave right before your tan, do so with lukewarm water, a brand new razor, and an oil-free shaving cream; the results won't be perfect, but they'll be better than the alternative!

Sun burns

For pretty obvious reasons, skin peeling from sun burns can wreak havoc on a spray tan. In fact, the results are often so unpredictable that many spray tan professionals will refuse to spray you if you've been recently burned! The reason for this is simple: a sun burn causes your skin to slough off in big patches, resulting in a horribly uneven tan that can virtually dissapear overnight as you peel. The best advice? Wait until after your skin has recovered before getting your next spray tan–and of course: don't get burned!!

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Airbrush Tanning

On The Spot Beauty Bar provides a superior tanning service that will leave you looking your best for that special occasion. Whether you are a bride-to-be or simply looking forward to a night on the town, a visit to our number-one rated airbrush tanning spa is a must. We can guarantee to leave you with that natural bronze look in a soothing and relaxing environment.

We strive to bring our clients unparalleled results and aim to do so as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Don’t settle for second best, Open Evenings and Weekends – Book Online! You have worked hard to afford this treatment don’t waste it with an inferior airbrush tanning.


Skin Bronzing & Color Specialists

Our airbrush tanning professionals specialize in creating unparalleled tanning results. We are the airbrush tanning experts that you can rely on. Our custom skin bronzing and color specialists will consult with you to find out what look you hope to achieve and will deliver it with skill and precision. We are very proud of our award winning customer service and feel that our attention to detail is what sets us apart. That is why we treat each client individually to ensure that their needs are met. By making sure that your tanning requirements are taken care of, we know that we will be able to deliver the perfect tan for you. That will not only leave you looking amazing but will also mean that you will never want to go anywhere else for your airbrush tanning again.

Airbrush Tanning Vs. Tanning Beds

One of the most common questions we receive from our clients in advance of an airbrush tanning treatment for us is in relation to the difference between a sun bed and airbrush tan. You can rest assured that after they receive our airbrush tan that question is very much answered.

Aside from the very serious health concerns surrounding sun-beds, the fact of the matter is that a natural, bronzing tan is much more likely with airbrush tan than it is in a sun-bed. At On The Spot Beauty Bar, we guarantee that all the ingredients used in our airbrush tan are organic, chemical free and locally sourced. This means that you can relax safe in the knowledge that your natural glowing tan is safe for you and also not damaging to the environment.

How long will an Airbrush Tan Last?

Achieving that bronzing, year-round tan look is a piece of cake with On The Spot Beauty Bar. The natural ingredients and elements used in our airbrush tanning means that it last longer and fade more naturally than other inferior options. On average, an airbrush tan from On The Spot Beauty Bar will last approximately ten days and the natural moisturizing qualities of our tanning material ensures that you will continue to look and feel great even as the tan’s glow wears away.