Number One Facial Peel for Whitby

Do you feel that your face could do with a boost? Have you tried applying your own facial peels with little success? Are you looking for something new to help improve your skin’s appearance? If you answered yes to these questions, then a facial peel could be the perfect option for you.

On The Spot Beauty Bar offers an exceptional facial peel service that will leave your face looking and feeling better in no time at all. Our facial therapist experts are skilled with the latest advances in facial treatments so as to ensure that the skin on your face receives the care it needs quickly and effectively. The facial peel treatment from our Whitby spa will leave you feeling great and looking better. Don’t take shortcuts with the vibrancy of your face, call the facial peel experts you can trust today.

How is a Facial Peel Different than a Facial?

When it comes to facial peels there is a lot of information to digest. Aside from being a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, it can also provide your facial appearance with many lasting benefits.

First thing to know when discussing facial peels is to establish what they are not. They are not the same as facials, which are more relaxing in nature, nor are they peel-off masks that require a thin glue-like layer to dry on your face before being removed. Instead, facial peels are an exfoliating facial treatment that remove dead skin cells which target the deeper layer of skin. Unlike facial scrubs, the ingredients in a facial peel go deep into your skin, leaving your face completely revitalized.

What are the Primary Advantages of a Facial Peel?

The deep penetrating nature of a facial peel can improve many aspects of your appearance. After a peel your face will feel soft and smooth as it will greatly enhance your skin tone. In general, a facial peel will leave your skin looking brighter, radiant and more youthful.

Different Types of Facial Peels

At On The Spot Beauty Bar we offer three different types of facial peels to our Whitby customers. They include:

Deep Peels

This type of peel is the strongest we offer and involves the use of a carbolic acid. A deep skin peel is a very serious process that should only be taken after consultation with a doctor or medical professional. The acidic nature of this peel can have a two-month recovery period and can leave your skin looking red following the procedure.

Medium Peels

Like the deep peel, the medium peel also uses acidic ingredients to remove deep layers of dead skin cells on your face. The medium peel also results in some redness, but unlike the deep peel this redness usually disappears in seven to ten days.

Light Peels

Unlike the medium and deep peels, this type of peel doesn’t result in any redness nor does it require any downtime. Instead, the benefits of this treatment can be felt almost immediately.