Eyelash Tinting Specialists Serving Whitby

With years of experience in a wide range of beauty therapies and facial health care procedures, On The Spot Beauty Bar has developed a reputation for being one of the most relaxing and reliable spa treatment clinics in Whitby. Our professional attitude combined with the unrivalled client-centered approach we take to customer care separates us from other clinics in Whitby, and is why we are fortunate enough to have a growing number of loyal and returning clients. So, if you think that you or a loved one could use a pampering spa and beauty treatment that will leave you looking and feeling better, then an eyelash tinting treatment from On The Spot Beauty Bar could be the perfect gift.

Eyelash Tinting for Sensitive Eyes

Does mascara irritate your eyes? If you have sensitive eyes, then it is likely that the answer to this question is yes. While some mascaras are hypoallergenic, the fact of that matter is that even the best made mascara can leave your eyes feeling sore and tender. This is especially true if you need to re-apply mascara more than once or twice per day. A reliable and long-lasting alternative to this inconvenience is a professional eyelash tinting beauty treatment from On The Spot Beauty Bar. Using the safest and most reliable products, our team of highly skilled eye care technicians go to great lengths to ensure that your the health of your eyes is maintained throughout the entire tinting process. Our experienced therapists take great pride in the high-quality service that we offer and, as such, can guarantee the highest level of eye care for all our Whitby clients.

Why Should I Try Eyelash Tinting?

The answer to this question is very simple. If you want defined, well-groomed lashes that give you a thicker and more distinctive style while also maintaining a youthful appearance, then eyelash tinting is certainly for you. On top of that, the dye that we at On The Spot Beauty Bar use is made from vegetable extract and is completely safe. We also offer our eyelash tinting service in a range of colors which means that whether you’re a blonde, brunette or a redhead, our eyelash tinting service will enhance how your eyes look. Finally, on average, our eyelash tinting service will last anywhere from four to six weeks saving you hours and money spent on mascara each month.

Eyelash Tinting Experts Near Me

Do you feel like treating yourself or a loved one to a trusted and elegant eyelash tinting service for less? If yes, then why not contact On The Spot Beauty Bar today and allow our expert beauty therapists to provide you with a superior eyelash tinting service. Our treatments may be envied by many of our competitors but the fact of the matter is that they are rivalled by very few, if any. When it comes to offering a great spa and beauty therapy service with competitive prices and convenient opening hours, then On The Spot Beauty Bar will not be beat. Don’t settle for second best when the number one eyelash tinting team in Whitby is here and ready for you.