Unlock the secret to radiant and rejuvenated skin with our Nano Infusion – a revolutionary treatment designed to enhance the absorption of active ingredients into the epidermis, addressing specific skin concerns without the need for invasive measures. The Nano-Needling treatment can be a standalone option for individuals seeking a less time-consuming alternative, eliminating the need for a facial.

What is a Nano Infusion?

Nano infusion therapy is a cutting-edge solution for various skin conditions such as wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, and scarring. Unlike traditional microneedling, this non-invasive therapy does not wound the skin or draw blood.

Experience instant and lasting results as the treatment stimulates blood circulation, hydrates the skin, softens lines, reduces scarring, and illuminates your complexion.

How Does it Work?

Our Nano Infusion utilizes a specialized Nano infusion pen featuring 36 microscopic pyramid pins on a 16 mm Nanochip, each thinner than a single strand of human hair. This pen, gently pressed onto the skin, creates thousands of micro pathways per minute without causing any discomfort.

The micro pathways allow for superior absorption of nutrients and skincare products, enhancing the skin's capability to absorb by an impressive 97%. Within 15 minutes, the Nanochannels naturally close.

Painless and Safe

Unlike microneedling, Nano Infusion Facial Therapy is a painless and non-invasive procedure. No numbing cream is required, and there is zero downtime. Clients often find the treatment relaxing, as it exclusively targets the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin.

The Process Unveiled

  1. **Cleanse and Sanitize:** The initial step involves thorough cleaning and sanitization of the skin to create a clean canvas.
  2. **Catridge Tips:** Each tip is new in the procedure to ensure a sterile application.
  3. **Apply Nutrient-Rich Serum:** Our cosmeticians apply a specialized serum containing nutrients tailored to address your specific skin concerns.
  4. **Nano Infusion Therapy:** Using the Nano infusion pen, our skilled professionals open microscopic channels on the skin, allowing for optimal nutrient absorption.
  5. **Quick Closure:** Within fifteen minutes, the microscopic pathways naturally close.

Is Nano Infusion Therapy for You?

Perfect for addressing a range of skin issues, Nano Infusion Facial Therapy is ideal for those seeking solutions for scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, skin pigmentation, puffy or sagging eyes, acne, acne scars, and even hair regrowth.

Discover the transformative benefits of Nano Infusion Facial at On The Spot Beauty Bar, where beauty meets innovation.

Additional advantages of Nano infusion facial therapy encompass, but are not restricted to:

  1. Mild exfoliation
  2. Heightened skin hydration
  3. Improved skin circulation
  4. Initiation of the skin's regenerative mechanisms
  5. Enhancement of skin collagen production
  6. Stimulation of skin elastin production

Nano infusion treatment is suitable for all skin types, distinguishing it significantly from microneedling, which may not be advisable for individuals with highly pigmented skin. This treatment is universally beneficial, accommodating individuals of any skin type.

For those contemplating microneedling but concerned about potential side effects, Nano infusion or Nano-Microneedling treatment offers a comfortable and downtime-free alternative. It addresses the same issues as microneedling and potentially more, without any associated discomfort or recovery period.

Medical Conditions Incompatible with Nano Infusion Treatment or Nano-Needling:

While this treatment suits diverse skin types, it is unsuitable for individuals with specific medical conditions. These include:

  1. Pregnancy or nursing
  2. Active or inactive psoriasis
  3. Scleroderma
  4. Unidentified lesions, rashes, or skin infections
  5. Rosacea (our Glycolic Green Tea Peel is recommended)
  6. Extensive telangiectasia (spider veins)
  7. Recent herpes outbreak
  8. Diabetes or other autoimmune disorders
  9. Use of photosensitivity medications
  10. Sunburn

Pre-Care Recommendations:

To maximize the benefits of a forthcoming Nano infusion facial treatment, consider the following precautions:

  1. Refrain from Botox or fillers within two weeks of the therapy
  2. Avoid alcohol consumption within two days before the therapy
  3. No chemotherapy in the last six months
  4. No radiation exposure during the previous six months
  5. Avoid Accutane within the past year
  6. Refrain from blood thinners for two weeks prior
  7. Avoid Laser or IPL treatment in the targeted area
  8. No waxing of the site within a week
  9. Steer clear of depilatory creams or electrolysis a week before
  10. Avoid irritating products (exfoliating creams, hydroquinone, benzoyl peroxide) within a day of treatment
  11. Tanning should be avoided two weeks before
  12. No drug intake for at least two days before therapy
  13. Discourage skincare regimes involving acids; opt for gentle cleansers instead
  14. Ensure no existing skin conditions or health concerns; consult with a doctor

Post-Care Instructions:

Following the treatment, adhere to the following guidelines, further instructions will be provided on visit.

  1. Wear sunscreen for the next three days , preferably always wear a sunscreen
  2. Apply Cytoderma (available at the spa) 2 times a day for 5 days
  3. Avoid tanning beds or sun exposure for the next three days
  4. Refrain from sweating for the next three days

In summary, Nano infusion therapy is a non-invasive procedure intensifying skin product absorption by 97%. Utilizing a Nano infusion pen, a cosmetician creates microscopic pathways in the epidermis, facilitating deeper nutrient penetration. This rejuvenating treatment is both safe and suitable for all skin types. If interested, consider visiting On The Spot Beauty Bar for Nano infusion facial therapy.

Both nano-needling & micro-needling address the same skincare concerns and they both use a needling pen to create micro-channels in the skin. The main difference between the two is the depth that the needles are able to penetrate into the skin. Nano-needling only punctures the first layer of the skin (epidermis) while micro-needling penetrates into the deep dermis. If you are concerned about fine lines & wrinkles, swelling, dark pigmentation or sagging skin, then nano-needling is for you. If your skin care concerns include deep wrinkles, hypo-pigmentation, stretch marks or deep acne scars, than micro-needling would be the treatment for that.

FAQs: Nano Infusion/Nano-Needling

1. What is the difference between Micro-needling and Nano Infusion also know as Nano-Needling?

Both nano-needling and micro-needling address skincare concerns using a needling pen to create micro-channels in the skin. The main distinction is the depth of penetration: nano-needling targets the epidermis, addressing fine lines and surface issues, while micro-needling goes deeper into the dermis, treating more substantial concerns like deep wrinkles and scars.

2. Is Nano Infusion/ Nano-Needling Safe?

Nano-Needling is safe for all skin types and colors, with minimal risk of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation if post-care instructions are followed. It effectively reduces fine lines, improves skin tone and texture, minimizes pore size, and lifts and firms the skin.

3. What does a Nano Infusion/ Nano-Needling treatment include?

Each treatment is customized based on individual skincare concerns. Options range from targeted eye and lip treatments to full-face nano-needling Facial, which can be combined with Lactic Peel or Dermaplaning. The treatment plan is tailored after a detailed skin analysis by a licensed esthetician.

4. How often can I get a Nano Infusion /Nano-Needling treatment?

Nano-Needling can be done every two to three weeks for optimal results, and a series of treatments is recommended.

5. What is the difference between at-home needle-rollers and professional Nano Infusion/ Nano-Needling?

At-home devices often use rolling wheels, while professional Nano-Needling pens have disposable cartridges with clustered needles. Professional pens reduce infection risks, provide precise penetration, and ensure proper collagen and elastin production. At-home devices may pose infection risks, cause microscopic tears, and, if misused, lead to scarring.

6. What are the results of a Nano Infusion/ Nano-Needling treatment?

A Nano-Needling treatment results in increased smoothness and hydration, thicker and firmer skin, improved microcirculation, and an overall healthier skin condition.

7. What are the contraindications for Nano Infusion/ Nano-Needling?

Nano-Needling is not suitable for individuals with keloid or raised scarring, recent facial injections, open wounds, active acne or cold sores, immune-suppression diseases, diabetes, or within 10 days of blood thinners use. Pregnant individuals and those with herpes simplex infections are advised against the treatment. Additionally, scars less than six months old, raised moles, warts, or lesions should be avoided.