Unrivalled Eyelash Tinting Serving Bowmanville

Whether we like it or not, first impressions matter. So, whether you are going for an important job interview, meeting your partner’s parents for the first time or simply taking a potential client to lunch, it is always important to look your best. One of the easiest ways a Bowmanville woman can create that elegant and striking look is by choosing an eyelash tinting service from On The Spot Beauty Bar.

With a range of different colors and tinting options to choose from, we can guarantee that your lashes will look their very best by the time we are finished. Our professional and fully certified therapists are skilled in creating the perfect look to accompany your existing facial features. What’s more, our flexible opening hours and competitive prices mean that Bowmanville residents of all budgets can book our exceptional service. Call today to get further information on our unrivalled eyelash extension service and to find out what other beauty and therapeutic treatments that we offer.

Safety-First Approach

At On The Spot Beauty Bar we practice a safety-first approach to all of our eyelash tinting treatments. It is for that reason that our technicians will always ask that you close your eyes for the duration of the process. The reason for this is simple. Any process that it involves hair dye in the proximity of your eyes needs to be approached with the most caution possible.

Eyelash Tinting: The Process

The eyelash tinting process is all about selecting a color that will accentuate your lashes, eyes and other facial features. Depending on the tone of your skin, our technician will recommend the application of a color that will match best. From there the process can begin.

Our therapist will start by placing a protective eye patch under the bottom lash line. From there, the therapist will then progress to the upper lash line which is generally easier to apply since most women apply mascara more regularly to their upper lashes rather than their lower. To avoid any risk of stinging, our therapist will always ensure that a drop of oil is applied around the eye which protects the skin.

Eyelash Tinting is a Game-Changing Treatment

There is no doubt about it, looking good on the outside certainly helps us feel good on the inside. And when we feel good on the inside, anything is possible. An eyelash extension treatment from On The Spot Beauty Bar will leave you looking your best—from there you can set your mind to achieving all the goals that life puts in front of you.

In life, there are many people who will tell you what you cannot achieve but at On The Spot Beauty Bar we like to focus on what you can achieve. When you look your best, you will start to act and feel your best too. From there, the world is your oyster.